Each One Reach One – Part One


Each One Reach One – our new emphasis for our Hawaii Conference the next four years.  You may ask, “Why should I be so passionate about people, the lost?”  The answer is pretty simple and straightforward.  It is because people, the lost, matter to God. In the next couple of newsletters I will share with you this dream.

      Luke Chapter 15. One day while Jesus was teaching in a sizeable metropolitan area, He found Himself surrounded by a large crowd of people. Off to the side was a huddle of religious leaders who were shaking their heads and talking to each other in muffled tones. They were not too pleased with the kind of company Jesus was associating with and ministering to.

       Jesus knew exactly what they were thinking. He now does what you will not find in any other chapter in the New Testament. He tells three stories in a row.  We will consider the first two stories in this issue.

Lost Sheep:

There was once a man who owned a hundred sheep and while he was tending his sheep, one of those woolly little critters wandered away.  So the shepherd left the ninety-nine behind and went out and searched for the one that was lost.  And he kept on searching until he finally found it.  He tenderly picked up that little fellow, put it around his shoulders, and carried it back to the flock. Then he called some of His shepherd friends and said, “Let’s have a party.  I  found my wandering sheep.’” Jesus now launches in to story #2. 

Lost Coin

      There was a woman who had ten coins. She lost one of them. So she lit a lamp, swept the house, turned over all the furniture, and searched relentlessly until she found it. And when she did, this woman was so happy that she called her friends and asked them to celebrate with her.

      In the heartbeat of this chapter (vs. 10) Jesus declares, “Likewise I say to you that there is JOY in Heaven over one sinner who repents!”

      All heaven erupts into a giant cosmic celebration when the lost is found and comes to Jesus.

Each one Reach One. Why? Because our mission is to reach out and reach the lost for Jesus Christ.